Air Separation Plants, Low Pressure Cryogenic Air Separation Gas Plants

Air Separation Plant

Universal Boschi is a reputed and known company for manufacturing and exporting technically advanced low pressure turbo series air separation plant that requires low power consumption, low maintenance cost, no special civil foundation and offers maximum output. The air separation plants fabricated under the guidelines of an Italian company ING. L. & A. Boschi of Italy perform exceptionally. Despite of technology, we also acquire design and drawing from the Italian company. Our company recruits engineers who have years of experience in the field of designing, manufacturing & installation.

Air separation plant fabricated and supplied by our company recognizes worldwide for highly pure output. The purity of oxygen is upto 99.7%, while nitrogen purity is upto 99.9%. Our production of our plant is safe, put no threat to environment and economical to operate. The plants come with an efficient expansion engine, which reduces the operating pressures and also lowers power consumption. We manufacture air separation plants of all sizes ranging from 30 m3/hour to 50,000 m3/hour and perform as per the expectations of our international customers.
Air Compressor Turbo Expander Purification Unit

Features of our Air Separation Plants include:

  • Fast and safe to Operate
  • Compact and sturdy design
  • Equipped with state of the art technology
  • Practically zero maintenance
  • Low power consumption
  • Liquid air separation technology
  • Unique stainless steel column

Being a reputed and known company, Universal Boschiís mission is to provide the best quality products at the best rates to its clients irrespective of their geographical location. In order to maintain quality and fulfill the norms of international standard, our quality engineers apply quality check procedure on a regular basis. Air separation plants are duly tested by a team of experts who preserve a strict vigil. Furthermore, we also hold an R&D department that is responsible for scrutinizing the industry and modifying the product range accordingly.

Technical Specifications
PRODUCTION UBT-50 UBT-100 UBT-200 UBT -250 UBT -300 UBT-400 UBT-500 UBT-600 UBT-800 UBT-1000
OXYGEN (NM3/HR) CYLINDERS PER DAY 50 100 200 250 300 400 500 600 800 1000
200 400 800 1000 1200 1600 2000 2400 3200 4000
NITROGEN NM3/HR 50 100 200 250 300 400 500 600 800 1000
OXYGEN PURITY-% 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7 99.7
NITROGEN (%) 99.9 99.9 99.9 99.9 99.9 99.9 99.9 99.9 99.9 99.9